Current Server: PirateCraft

Current Ban
Expires in: Permanent
Banned by: Bazurka
Banned at: 13 September 2019 04:34:57 AM
Reason: duplicating items

Current Mute

Previous Bans
ID Reason By On Length Unbanned By At
1 Xray JavaInvader 23:12:17 14/05/17 Permanent Xeron 23:12:52 13/01/19

Previous Mutes
ID Reason By On Length Unmuted By At
1 dont use /me for craps and giggles BonnibelGum 16/01/19 1 minute Survival 16/01/19

ID Reason By On
1 stop grief building Iamthereaper89 00:00:57 16/06/15
2 no duping items. been ordered to remove rail/carpet dup-machine. Bazurka 03:40:45 09/09/19